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Brooklyn Trading Company

Ships the finest breads. Real Old World Breads. Using generations of family recipes, every day master bakers, make by hand, over 60 varieties of unique breads & rolls. Brooklyn Trading Company is both proud of and humbled by this fact.
bread in the bakery ready to be shipped by Brooklyn Trading Company

At The Brooklyn Trading Company we aim to deliver the highest quality products. Our baked goods are made blending the finest quality natural ingredients using traditional methods, carefully blended according to our Old World family recipes by skilled bakers. True flavors, tastes, textures & shapes, from Italy, France, Germany, Portugal & Spain, and Eastern Europe. Full bodied American loaves. Egg Challahs, twists & knots. 

Relentless attention to detail by skilled bakers enables you to place before your guests a wide range of very special breads that meets your every culinary need.